I just wanted to thank you and especially Renee for our photos which are  perfect, and everybody loves them. The photos on the cd are also great, and we are really happy.  We had so much fun working with Renee, and I really like the fact that most photos are spontaneous, just as I wanted them to be.
I will definitely recommend you, and once again thank you!

Name: Birgit Stefan
 Telephone: 01149-2502-226304
 Comments: Hallo Peter! We are the couple, who got married at the

 9th of december cliffside little arches. We would like to say Thank
 You for the wonderful pictures you made! We have shown the pictures to
so many friends and they all love them, like we do.
To:    Peter Sheppard (
Cc:    Patty Knight (;
Dear Peter,
I wanted to send you an email and thank you for the SUPERB job you and your family did on our pictures and video!  Ryan and I could not be more pleased!  Renee did a fantastic job with the photography and the video was better than I could have hoped.  We were able to show the DVD at our reception with all of our friends and family.  I cannot begin to tell you how many compliments we received!
Thank you again for such a wonderful experience!

To:    Peter Sheppard (

Hi Peter,

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. The pictures and CD arrived on the 8th. They look great! Thank you again for working with us. I like the beach photos, especially the one with the sail boat in the background. I always think Elisabeth if far more photogenic than I am, but there were some images in which I didn't have an odd look on my face, so that's good. I tend to think I don't photograph well. Did you notice the images with Ken standing near or just behind a palm frond, and that his blue shirt had palm fronds on it. I like finding those serendipitous events in images when I view them later.